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[Wapka Tutorial] How To Post More Than 20kb Image In Wapka Forum Posts Like

[Wapka Tutorial] How To Post More Than 20kb Image In Wapka Forum Posts Like

Hello guys!! Welcome to another 360gptech tutorial. Before we proceed, how has been your day so far? Hope twasn't stressful?? I guess tis not.

Today, we're gonna be teaching you guys how to add more 20kb image to your forum post in wapka.

Recently, we noticed some wapka webmasters doesn't know how to do this, and thats why we decided to lease it out today.

Well, someone will like to ask, that; why is it that wapka admin didn't set it automatically?
Hmmm! Thats a very nice question, but, we 360gptech isn't in position to answer that, cos that what we also would've love to ask wapka admin in person.

To cut all short, lets flow to our tutorial, enjoy!

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to your Admin Mode then ::EDIT SITE::  >>  Global Settings >>  Forum  >> Enable WCODE(about WCODE) click on it then Untick IMG box.

Thats all for the first step. now go back to your ::EDITE SITE::

2. Now go to Wap2  >  Forum/Chat settings  >  Own Styles of messages in forums  > in the first box locate where ::msg:: then replace it with this

Then save it., thats all for 2nd step too, now proceed to step 3.

3. Go to your forum footer/bottom autocontent pending on the one you use, then paste this below code in the WML CODE

Then save it.

NOTE: Do not remove or add anything to the above code, else! You may experience error, if tried, just place it the way twas.

After that, go to your forum and try this

Oya drop your testimonies as we celebrates with you.

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