Monday, 3 April 2017

[Wapkiz Tutorial] How To Create A Youtube Video Downloader In Wapkiz

[Wapact Tutorial] How To Create A Youtube Video Downloader In Wapact

Hey! Guys! Welcome To Another 360GpTech Tutorial.

Today, we're gonna be teaching you guys how make a youtube video downloader using Wapact.

To shorten our discussion for today, lets sharperly move straight to the steps to follow in making it.

Step 1: Visit Wapact.Com and Login with your wapact email and password or register a new account if you haven't create one.

Step 2: Now choose the site which you want to make youtube video downloader and click on panel of the site . If you have not added any site then click on Add New Site and create one .

Step 3: Now click on Panel and then click on Preset . There you will see some preset like Blank, Download Site ,Simple Blog , Youtube Downloader .

Step 4: Now Apply Youtube Video Downloader.Thus you have made your own Youtube Downloader .

Thats all!! Tis as simple as ABC...

Do you have any question or questions pertaining to this topic, kindly make use of the comment box below, We'll reply you immediately.

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