Monday, 8 May 2017

[Hacking Tutorial] How To Hack Saved Passwords On Google Chrome

[Hacking Tutorial] How To Hack Saved Passwords On Google Chrome

Hey guys! Welcome to another interesting 360GpTech Tutorial.

Today we're gonna teach you guys how to hack saved passwords on google chrome and how to prevent yours from being hacked.

NOTE: This is for educational purpose, we don't wanna wake up tomorrow and start hearing news that you've hacked people accounts by using this tutorial(I'm sure you're not a badt guy**winks**)

As you all know; CHROME is one of the greatest and advance browser in the world today, due to features it possesses, so you can easily find your saved password if you forgot it.
This method will forever be active as long as Google Team didn't take any step to block it.

To achieve this, as in hacking someone's password using this, kindly follow the below steps to get yours done.

We actually wanna share this tutorial with IMAGES but we've decided not to, kindly follow properly, tis as simple as A B C...

At first open Google chrome and go to “settings” (top right corner

Now scroll down and click “Show advance settings

Then go to “password and forms” and click “Manage saved password” here you must see list of all websites whose passwords are saved in the browser will be listed.

Now select which website password you will see.

Thats all guys!

If you encounters any problem/issue while using this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below.

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