Monday, 9 October 2017

[Wapkiz Tutorial] Nice And Advance Wapkiz footer code

[Wapkiz Tutorial] Nice And Advance Wapkiz footer code

Ouch!!! Creating Wapkiz footer code is damn hard!!! ***smile*** Yeah!!! of course!! sometimes bridling footer code from scratch seems difficult!

Well, we're here to get you guys a nice and advance footer code for  your Wapkiz site.

Hi guys!! Welcome to another 360GpTech Tutorial!!!

Today, we're gonna be giving you guys an advance WapKiz footer code that will definitely suit your beloved WapKiz site.

So what is this Footer?

Footer in brief definition simply means bottom. And on Wap Site, it's mostly being referred to as your (-2).

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There you go!!!

So can you guys please just get me this footer code and let me proceed with my designing of my site! Yeah sure!!!

Here's the code.

Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!! Hold on!!! You forgot to fly along with the CSS.


Here's the CSS:

You can wrap the CSS with tag <style></style> or place on your CSS THEME instead.

If you wanna place it on your footer direct, kindly use the below:

NOTE: This article might be re-edited any moment from now, also remember not to hesitate to reach us if you encountered any error.

That's all guys!!

If you have any question(s) or you encountered any error while making use of this tutorial, kindly make use of the comment box below. We'll reply you instantly!!

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